Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Please plan to join us at  2 PM on May 24th in the Bullis Room at Macedon Public Library  as June Hamell  presents a program on John Lapham Bullis.

As you probably know from our many blog posts on John Latham Bullis, he was a distinguished and much-decorated soldier in the Civil and  Spanish-American wars.  

So ... You are invited to June Hamell's presentation on May 24 for the "rest of the story" of this great man.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


For those of you who are unable to visit the Bullis Room in person, here are some photos to give you an idea of what the Bullis Room is and what goes on within its walls.

First, a photo of a frequent Bullis Room visitor, relaxing in one of the room's "easy chairs" and soaking up that wonderful old-book atmosphere and aroma.

Second, a scene looking out the north-facing window into the main library and showing the room's computer work station.

Third, a photo of the state and local history section which can be enjoyed while sitting in the rocking chair (which includes an afghan for chilly days).

Fourth, a photo looking out one of the room's southern-exposure windows with the work table in the foreground, and the US history section on the right.

We hope you've enjoyed this virtual visit. And if you're in the area, please stop in soon and experience the room and its contents.

Monday, May 8, 2017


It's that time of year again ... and here's Charlie Bullis's poem, written when he was a young man. 

"written and read Arbor day May 4 1906                                 

The Robin.

                                                               by C. R. Bullis

In the bight days of early spring
A robin from the south took wing
Thrilled by memories of the past
He flew to the north straight and fast
Through the pale ethereal blue
Unto his native land he flew
Through the bright day and strlit night
He proceded in his long flight.
At last all wearied from his flight
As the first reays of the suns light
Appeared over the eastern hill
At home on a pine he sat still.
For a few weeks he flew about
In every tree and bush and out
And in the balmy evening air
His song resounded clear and fair"

Friday, May 5, 2017


Today is May 5, the day commemorated in Mexico (and here, as well) as Cinco de Mayo, in remembrance of that country's 1862 victory in the Battle of Puebla.

One way to celebrate this day is to partake of some wonderful local Mexican cuisine available at several restaurants in this area.  (Some of our Bullis volunteers are planning to do just that!)

And - another way to commemorate this day is to stop by the Bullis Room and look through some of the books on Mexico. Here are two to get you started:

Mexico and the United States;
their mutual relations and common interests
by  Gorham Dummer Abbott (1807-1874
Published: New York, G. P. Putnam & Son, 1869

Mexico: the wonderland of the South
by William English Carson (1870 - )
Published: New York, Macmillan, 1912

As you know, you have an open invitation to look on the shelves for more books on this topic and any other area you're interested in. Remember ... the Bullis books are waiting! Please don't disappoint them!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Birthday New York State!!

Happy Birthday to the State of New York!!  On April 22nd New York State will be 240 years old.  A document hand written by John Jay was approved on April 20, 1777 by the 4th Provincial Congress with additions and deletions.  And this was read to the people of Kingston, NY, on the 22nd.  By October Kingston would be in ashes and the new government had been evacuated.  They reassembled in Poughkeepsie in February of 1778.  Come learn more about the battle for our state constitution on April 18 at 2 p.m. in the Bullis Room.  The presentation will be posted on the  Mac Lib Facebook account.  And the icing on the cake is....there will be cake!!
From Journals of the military expedition of Major General John Sullivan against the Six Nations of Indians in 1779; with records of centennial celebrations; prepared pursuant to chapter 361, laws of the state of New York, of 1885, by Frederick Cook, Secretary of State.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

111 Years Ago Today

This past week was another busy one in the Bullis Room.   Staff and volunteers covered books,  researched various topics, transcribed documents,  did some shelf reading, and - in honor of Women's History Month - presented a program on Notable Women in the Bullis Collection.   (If you missed this stellar presentation, there will be another program offered the last of this month -- more info to follow.)

And ... while looking through some documents connected to Charlie and Nettie Bullis, we focused on some of Charlie's diaries. Here are the entries that 15-year-old Charlie Bullis wrote the first week of April, 111 years ago.  We found them interesting and informative ... and a bit nostalgic at times.   The  entries also brought a number of questions to mind, including:
1) Did sibling rivalry cause 13-year-old Nettie to plant 51 tomato seeds on April 2, one more than her brother did the day before?    
2)  Has our local weather pattern changed much from 1906, going from fair on April 5 to 2 inches of snow on April 6? 
3) Did the Bullis hens stop laying eggs halfway through the week? Or did Charlie neglect gathering and/or recording the results?   
Anyway ... we hope you enjoy reading these diary entries as much as we did.

                                                            Eggs  12
Dryer & Kemp were here              
I planted 50 tomato seeds
The weather is pleasant
warm and sunshiny
there is only a little snow
left in drifts

                                                            Eggs  5
The weather was pleasant                     
warm & sunshiny
papa had business to the village

nettie planted 51 tomato seeds

                                                            Eggs  8
Papa went to mill                                  
The weather was pleasant
warm and sunshiny
John Myers came and
promised to go to work

                                                            Eggs  12 
It rained hard in the                              
afternoon  It was cloudy
and the wind blew most
all day  papa drew 3 loads
of manure then went to
rochester  John did not
show up till night

Thursday APRIL 5, 1906
We killed & sold 6 roosters
papa & John drew manure
It rained this evening
the weather was fair but
cloudy all day

Friday APRIL 6, 1906

It snowed last night
and this morning so that
the ground was covered
2 inches thick but the sun
came out and melted it
all  John drew manure

Saturday April 7 1906

John and papa drew manure Mama went
to aunt genies on the 4.23
it was cloudy all day  and it
sprinkled some about three
and hailed a little snow

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

March is ........ WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH.....

...Or should we call it Women's Herstory Month?  We believe HER-STORY is very important to HIS-STORY.    Our monthly talk from the Bullis Room will be about the Notable Women Represented in the Bullis Collection.
Not only do we have Susan B. Anthony and Sojourner Truth but we also have many other women who impacted their society around them.  Hannah More became an abolitionist. Maria Edgeworth created moral tales for children and published a parenting book.  Olive Oatman survived being captured by the Native Americans in the Southwest.  Helena Rutherford Ely who wrote a book on gardening methods in the early 1900's.  Grace Gallatin Seton-Thompson wrote a guide for Victorian era women going on mountain or hunting trips.  And then there was George Sand - enough said!!
The photo above is of Stacey Wicksall (Director) and Helen Darrow (Library Board President) posing along side a life size photo of Sojourner Truth on Library Advocacy Day 2017 in Albany.  All of these women have impacted those around them.  Her-Story is an important story.  Join us as we talk about these women who impacted their world on March 29 at 2 p.m. in the Bullis Room at the Macedon Public Library.